Looking to hire students to expand your workforce?  There are several students entering the workforce from high school that are in need of a career path they can grow into.   Some member recently shared their advice for hiring students and building a workforce:

  • When hiring students, be aware of the State and Federal Laws in place when hiring students for construction related work.   Did you know there are age and job restrictions for persons under age 18 working in construction?  For example: Working teens aged 16-17 years may work in the construction industry, or on construction sites, in limited capacities. Use these interactive Labor Law electronic tools to find out if the job you have been hired to do is prohibited.   Learn more by going to the US Department of Labor’s YouthRules! website
  • Check with your insurance company for any regulations that consider hiring ages and abilities written into your agreements.
  • BE PATIENT! Most students might not be able to do everything needed when hired due to regulation.  However students that are given the opportunity to grow with a company are often more loyal as a long term employee.
  • Invest in furthering your employees education.  Educated employees increase the value of your company.
  • Utilize students for paid or unpaid internships.  This is a great way for students to get their start while employers teach their trade.
  • Promote the Construction Industry to Youth any chance you have!  One of the resources you can use with youth you encounter is the PATHWAYS TO CONSTRUCTION brochure you can relink, or download and share.
WCCA offers resources to help find students that can grow into a career in construction.  CLICK HERE to see what is available in your area for training and resources under EDUCATION CONNECTIONS.

Do you know of additional resources in the region? PLEASE SHARE so we can add those to the list for others to access!