Waging a Counterattack on Opioids in the Workplace and at Home WEBINAR

Waging a Counterattack on Opioids
in the Workplace and at Home
May 11 | 9:00 – 10:15 AM MDT

The opioid crisis is waging a war across the U.S. According to the National Safety Council, approximately 75% of workplaces are affected by this crisis. The number of Americans dying of overdoses grew dramatically during the pandemic. More than 105,000 Americans died of overdoses between October 2020 and October 2021, with 70% being the result of opioids.
According to the Health Institute, Colorado experienced a 38% increase in drug overdoses in 2020 vs. 2019. Construction workers and extended families are disproportionately at risk for soft tissue injuries at work and home (athletics/sports) and from orthopedic, dental, and general medical surgical procedures. Join us to learn how to protect your workforce and your family from opioids through practical and proven first-exposure prevention strategies.


Cal Beyer, Workforce Risk & Worker Wellbeing- Holmes Murphy

Brand Newland- CEO & Co-founder Goldfinch Health

Pleased to announce that the Colorado Attorney General Mr. Philip Weiser will be making closing comments on the webinar to discuss:

  1. State of Colorado’s Opioid Response

Opioid litigation settlement funds earmarked toward prevention

Also Pleased to announce that the Colorado Attorney General Mr. Philip Weiser will be making closing comments on the webinar to discuss:

  1. State of Colorado’s Opioid Response
  2. Opioid litigation settlement funds earmarked toward prevention


Learning Objectives:
1. Identify the mental and physical effects of chronic pain, learning alternatives to opioids, and opioid-sparing protocols.
2. Assess the human and financial consequences of opioids in the workplace, including absenteeism, presenteeism, Workers’ Compensation, and Employee Medical Health Benefit claims.
3. Learn how Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols optimize surgical outcomes in work- and/or home-related cases.
4. Discuss recommendations, resources, and tools available to help companies and families address the risk of opioids, including eight practical first-exposure prevention strategies.

REGISTER HERE: https://shareabundantly.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_aBN8YYYqQTuoLdj5H4AmxQ



Construction Hiring Event April 27


SD51 Hiring Event April 27

In the current climate of a growing construction industry there is a considerable employee gap between skilled workers retiring from construction and workers who have yet to enter the industry.  The Career Center in Grand Junction has a current program where high school students get hands-on training and classroom instruction on basic construction principles.  Students can take a NCCER Core class teaching them basics of construction including safety, math, tools, and equipment and enter the workforce with an accreditation already in place.   The Career Center also has annual projects that are built with the help of instructors and area construction companies for the hands on experience.

WCCA, Career Centers in Mesa County and School District 51 are collaborating to help bring available students and employers together for summer and long-term employment opportunities.  Bo Tobin Coordinator for School District 51 says,  “These are hard working students looking for their first careers in construction with at least some experience and education in the field.  It is a great opportunity to help the companies fill employment positions and give the students their start in construction.”

There will be a CONSTRUCTION HIRING EVENT on April 27th to help place students by their skills with area construction companies.  Based on students available and their skills, the event is calling for 10 separate companies to hold (6) 20-minute interviews each at the Career Center during the event.  Students will have the job summary(s) for each company and may sign up for available interview times prior to the event.  Please see below for details or call WCCA at 970-245-1384.


Construction Related Companies Needed :

  • Electrical (2 companies) One left
  • Concrete (1 company) Booked
  • Framing (2) one left
  • Roofing (2) one left
  • HVAC (1)
  • Plumbing (1)
  • Welding (1)

Companies selected for event will be based on availability .

Send interest to WCCA by April 13

Position Interviews:

  • Companies with positions to interview for must submit :
    • Job Description
    • Age requirement
    • Contact information
    • Who will be doing the interviewing
    • submit to [email protected] with title Hiring Event
  • Interviews
    • Students will sign up for position interviews with participating companies up until 2 days before the event.
    • Participating companies will be given resumes, and skills evaluated by instructor pre-interview where possible
    • Participating Companies will have 6 (20-minute) interviews with 10 minutes between each interview
    • Lunch provided by the Career Center for interviewers.
    • Participating Companies may contact students after the Hiring Event directly

Not Interviewing But Have a Position Available?

  • In one sheet send:
    • position description and requirements
    • where to obtain an application
    • company contact information
    • deadline for applying directly
  • Students who are not matched with positions available from the Hiring Event can contact businesses directly.  A list of available positions will be given to interviewing students.
  • Students are 16-18 and several graduating this spring!
  • Send posting to [email protected] to be posted at the Career Center or send directly to [email protected] org

2022 WCCA Networking and Event Sponsorships

2022 WCCA Annual Networking Events & Sponsorship Opportunities


Network & Sponsor Amazing Annual Events By WCCA!

WCCA has approximately 500 member businesses across the 27 counties of Western Colorado. 

Every Year WCCA members are encouraged to participate in these anticipated annual networking events including:

      WCCA Spring Golf Tournament- Adobe Creek- GJ

      WCCA Fall Golf Tournament- Lakota Canyon New Castle

      Western Colorado Construction Career Day

      WCCA Trap Shoot.


Don’t miss out on these opportunities to promote your business to other members, to network with other construction related businesses, and support WCCA efforts while having fun. Portion of proceeds from networking events benefit area organizations selected by the WCCA Membership/Events Committee.

2022 Events:

June 4             WCCA Spring Golf Tournament – GJ

July  14            Family Event- Night at the Rockies

Aug 13             WCCA Trap Shoot – GJ

Sept 17            WCCA Fall Golf Tournament – New Castle

Oct 11              WC Construction Career Day- GJ

*There are limited opportunities of sponsorships for the Golf Tournaments. Click below to learn more*

There are several events and opportunities throughout the year in addition to these annual WCCA Events.  Ask the Staff how your company can get involved! Call 970-245-1384 or email [email protected]

Future Workforce for Contractors


Looking for your future workforce in construction?  Want to provide an opportunity to train future employees?

There are several opportunities for WCCA Members to involve the future workforce through WCCA programs!

  • Join the WCCA Education Committee!  Let us know you are interested to put you on the committee email list.  The committee meets once per quarter to help direct WCCA efforts.
  • Western Colorado Construction Career Day (Mesa County) – This is a one-day hands-on experience for 11th grade students from School District 51.  Contractors hold hand-on stations to make a lasting impression on students and encourage them to enter the construction industry.
  • Hire a student for internship!  Interns can be paid or receive class credit through their school.  Click on the button below for the Construction Internships 101 presentation.

For more information on how your company can get involved or how to get started, call WCCA 970-245-1384 or go to www.wcca-gj.com