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While we have focused on COVID-19 for good reason, there are OTHER legislative changes we need to keep our eye on – 2020 Vision!

Colorado Overtime & Minimum Pay Standards (COMPS) became effective March 16, 2020. With this new wage order comes some unique challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are a couple of items causing particular concern:

Hourly employees are entitled to a 10 minute paid break for every four hours worked. Employers need to make sure that remote hourly workers are logging their 10 minute paid breaks.
• The break must be scheduled in the middle of the four hour period as much as practical.
• Employers will be wise to track the 10 minute breaks taken by the employee.
• If the employee is not permitted or authorized to take the 10 minute paid break, they must be compensated for this time at the end of the shift.

Hourly employees are entitled to paid time for travel performed for the employer outside of normal “to” and “from” home time. Employers need to have a mechanism of tracking work travel time for remote hourly workers, even amidst the “Stay at Home” orders for critical business needs.
• Any time an hourly employee travels for business purposes, they must be compensated this time with an exception of normal “to” and “from” work and home.
• This is in addition to the IRS mileage reimbursement for use of personal vehicles.
Employers are required to post the COMPS poster or distribute to employees. Employers need to ensure all remote workers, including exempt employees, receive a COMPS poster.
• Employers must display the COMPS poster where employees can easily read it during the workday.
• If physical posting is impractical, employers must provide copies of this Poster or the COMPS Order to each employee in the first month of work.
• If employees have limited English language ability and speak other languages, then employers must post the COMPS poster in that language.

Please click hereto read the entire COMPS order.
Please click hereto access the COMPS poster required for posting.

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