SD51 Hiring Event March 1st, 2023

In the current climate of a growing construction industry there is a considerable employee gap between skilled workers retiring from construction and workers who have yet to enter the industry. The Career Center in Grand Junction has a current program where high school students get hands-on training and classroom instruction on basic construction principles. Students can take a NCCER Core class teaching them basics of construction including safety, math, tools, and equipment and enter the workforce with an accreditation already in place. The Career Center also has annual projects that are built with the help of instructors and area construction companies for hands on experience.

WCCA, Career Centers in Mesa County and School District 51 are collaborating to help bring available students and employers together for summer and long-term employment opportunities. Bo Tobin Coordinator for School District 51 says, “These are hardworking students looking for their first careers in construction with at least some experience and education in the field. It is a great opportunity to help the companies fill employment positions and give the students their start in construction.”

There will be a CONSTRUCTION HIRING EVENT on March 1st, 2023 to help place students by their skills with area construction companies. Based on students available and their skills, the event is calling for 14 separate companies to hold (6) 20-minute interviews each at the Career Center during the event. Students will have the job summary(s) for each company and may sign up for available interview times prior to the event. Please see below for details or call WCCA at 970-245-1384.

Construction Related Companies Needed (2 each category):

  • Electrical (2)
  • Concrete (2)
  • Framing (2)
  • Roofing (2)
  • HVAC (2)
  • Plumbing (2)
  • Welding (2)

Companies selected for event will be based on availability.

Send interest to WCCA by Feb. 17th to reserve your spot.

Position Interviews:

  • Companies with positions to interview for must submit:
    • Job Description
    • Age requirement
    • Contact information
    • Who will be doing the interviewing
    • submit to wcca@wcca-gj.comwith title Hiring Event
  • Interviews
    • Students will sign up for position interviews with participating companies up until 2 days before the event.
    • Participating companies will be given resumes, and skills evaluated by instructor pre-interview where possible
    • Participating Companies will have 6 (20-minute) interviews with 10 minutes between each interview
    • Lunch provided by the Career Center for interviewers.
    • Participating Companies may contact students after the Hiring Event directly

Not Interviewing But Have a Position Available?

  • In one sheet send:
    • position description and requirements
    • where to obtain an application
    • company contact information
    • deadline for applying directly
  • Students who are not matched with positions available from the Hiring Event can contact businesses directly. A list of available positions will be given to interviewing students.
  • Students are 16-18 and several graduating this spring!
  • Send posting to to be posted at the Career Center or send directly to