With increased reports of COVID breakout in Western Slope communities,  Western Colorado Contractors Association, CDOT, Mesa County Health Department, CDHPE and Colorado 811 are providing an opportunity for employees to choose to get their COVID 19 Vaccination.  Employees may get their  Vaccine by choice and help slow the spread of COVID 19 amongst workplaces.  Employers are encouraged to grant employees time on July 16 to visit the Colorado Mobile Covid Vaccination Unit between 8am and 5pm at 2405 Patterson Road- Grand Junction (Previously Sutherlands).   The Mobile unit will return 3 week after for any follow up vaccinations.

OPEN TO ALL CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY WORKERS in Mesa County. Residents can get a COVID-19 vaccine free of charge and without an appointment. No photo ID or insurance required. Mobile clinic will return in 3 weeks for 2nd shot. NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED.  If you would like an industry day for your area or business, contact your county’s Public Health Department for more information.

✓ LOWER the risk of employment time loss from illness
✓ LOWER risk of workplace/site outbreaks
✓ INCREASE workplace safety with higher percentage of vaccinated employees

More information on this event or other mobile vaccination events visit https://health.mesacounty.us/

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