Grand Junction City Hall
250 N 5th St
gRAND jUNCTION, Colorado 81501


October 16, 2019 @ 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM



Members of WCCA :

Western Colorado Contractors Association, in the interest of protecting and promoting the regional construction industry, has been working in conjunction with other area stakeholder groups to help ensure fair fee increases related to development projects in Grand Junction.

Background: City of Grand Junction hired a consultant in 2018, Duncan and Associates, to evaluate the current Traffic Impact Fees (TCP) and where they should be to catch up to current City needs and anticipated projects. With the fees reaching above 300 percent of current rates in the initial City Administration recommendation, WCCA, Homebuilders of Western Colorado (WCCA), The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, Associated Members for Growth and Development (AMGD), and Grand Junction Area Realtors Association (AMGD) formed a committee by direction of the city council to work with the City of Grand Junction over several meetings to develop a common solution to increasing comprehensive impact fees (tcp fees and additional community impact fees to be paid by developers) without hindering the growth of the community.  The committee commissioned a separate fees study comparing several points of comparable communities and found that area developers were at a threshold, and although increases in communities are needed to help infrastructure costs, the increases as suggested would be damaging to the construction industry and hinder growth.

NOW: Through several meetings the City Administration of Grand Junction and committees could not come to one common solution.  The committee suggested a compromise between current fees and city’s most recent recommended fees which include a 3 year implementation schedule.    AN ABSORBANT INCREASE IN IMPACT FEES WILL AFFECT ALL FUTURE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS IN THE AREA. The associations believe that our development community can achieve equitable solutions and continue to grow by working together as stakeholders with our municipalities. This issue is crucial as other towns and counties in Western Colorado are looking to increase fees in the near future.

The Impact Fees increases as proposed by the city administration will go to the Grand Junction Planning Commission Meeting September 24 6pm for a recommendation to be voted on by GJ City Council on October 16 at 6pm.   Each association will have a prepared statement during the public comment section of the City Council Meeting on behalf of their constituents.  WCCA encourages all stakeholders including developers who work in Grand Junction to support association efforts by attending these meetings as stakeholders and letting City Council and the Planning Commission know your personal positions through email.

Click on documents concerning proposed impact fees in Grand Junction.  Thank you for being a WCCA member and your support of the regional construction industry.