Protecting & Promoting the Construction Industry

WCCA Efforts in Western Colorado – 3/10/2023 update

In Western Colorado there are different needs for the communities than larger metropolitan areas.  Transportation, building and related industries still provide a way of life in our region that must always be considered when it comes to funding and providing opportunities for construction related businesses.  As an association, WCCA gives the vertical, horizontal and underground construction industry a voice in the governing and events that affect our members in the industry.   WCCA took several positions this year so far including:

  • Opposing the Public Utilities Commission’s decision to discontinue the 28% line extension credit to developers which unfortunately passed
  • Opposing House Bill 23-1101  that had buried bill language to redistrict the Transportation Commissions based on population across the state (still in the legislature being decided today)
  • Opposing Senate Bill 23-016 which speeds up the Green House Gas Reduction required decreases in Colorado
  • Supporting Workforce development bills that help promote the trades industry and apprenticeships
  • and actively Opposing unfair competition practices between project owners and private industry.
  • Oppose current Grand Valley TMDL ( Total Daily Maximum Load) requirements for selenium in the Colorado River which would fall on MS4 permit holders unfairly to pay for the cost of selenium regulation.  (This is still currently contested and not put into regulation at this point.)
  • Monitoring over 15 bills in the Colorado Legislature for impacts to the construction industry.

How does WCCA advocate?   

All issues, and even opportunities, that affect members are sent to WCCA or brought to the Government Affairs Committee which is held every 4th Wednesday of the month.  This is the one opportunity for ALL WCCA MEMBERS to be a part of the discussion, and often the solution to member concerns regarding regulation in the industry.   Any action or positions decided on by the committee is then sent to the WCCA Board of Directors  for approval before WCCA Staff carries out directions regarding the decision.   WCCA Staff and members participate in several committees across the state to be included when rules are being altered or introduced to protect or promote the industry including the geographic area of Western Colorado.

Is advocacy effective?

Yes! WCCA was able to weigh in on several rulemakings in the past several years and help shape rules and programs so Western Colorado was always considered in rulemaking and had a voice.  HOWEVER, grass roots efforts needs champions to help efforts get to the correct decision makers who regulate how we work and live in Western Colorado.  Most of the regulations you work and live by are decided by citizens who are voted into various government positions.   It is important that to change or maintain a favorable work environment for the construction industry on the Western Slope, that WCCA Members get out and VOTE for your choice in leaders.  City Council, County Commissioners, even in Co-Op positions that are voted on the one way to safeguard rights we have or need is to vote.

How can I as a WCCA Member contribute?

  • Participate in the WCCA Government Affairs Committee.  It is open to all members and their representatives online or in person.  Committee meetings are every 4th Wednesday.
  • VOTE!  Western Colorado Contractors association advocates based on issues and opportunities, however it is up to the members  to take control of their leadership that represents them when the opportunity is available.

Together our members can make a difference.