Throughout the 2023 Colorado Legislative session, The WCCA Government Affairs Committee has been working to make sure to protect and promote the interests of members in Western Colorado.   In this and last month’s committee meeting WCCA took the following actions (click on titles for bill information):

  • Oppose:
    • SB23-017– Additional Uses Paid Sick Leave.  Additional rules increase the cost burden on employers and mandates uses for sick leave that should be left to the employer. Increases the mandatory sick leave bank employees can use.
    • SB23-198– Concerning the verification of clean energy plans to ensure that the plans achieve the state’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. Expands regulations for plans to all energy providers.
    • SB23-1101– Concerning support for transit, and, in connection therewith, increasing the flexibility of the ozone season transit grant program and increasing opportunities for transit agency participation in regional transportation planning. This automatically changes transportation regions and commission representation based on population.
    • SB23-213– Concerning state land use requirements
    • HB1294 – Pollution Protection Measures including air quality and materials
    •  HB1192– Additional Protections In Consumer Code
  • Support
    • SB23-1221 -Concerning data standards for the determination of a total maximum daily load for state waters. Requires more scientific work done by CDPHE before determining TMDL for areas.
    • HB23-1246 – Concerning measures to support the in-demand career workforce. Supports construction industry directly.

There are currently 672 as of 4/26/2023.  WCCA has 36 currently monitored legislative bills.   CLICK HERE to see all bills monitored.

In addition to State and Federal Issues, the WCCA Government Affairs Committee is working toward solution to various local and regional issues brought forth by WCCA Members.  To learn more or attend the WCCA Government Affairs Meetings call WCCA at 970-245-1384.

WCCA Government Affairs meets every 4th Wednesday of the month at 2pm virtually and in person. 

NEXT MEETING:  May 24, 2023  2pm  In person and online.  * There will be a presentation by the City of Grand Junction on updates on the Traffic Engineering Design Standards in the first part of the meeting.