Scholarship Opportunities

WCCA has been working to promote and improve the education of members’ employees and the future workforce.  WCCA offers a minimum of 5 scholarships to CMU/WCCC students in the Construction Management Program. The Admin Committee review and presents final applicants to WCCA Board of Directors for final approval.

Western Colorado Community College

The below link is a list of all scholarships managed by CMU Foundation. A number of the scholarships are for both CMU and Western Colorado Community College.

A student can go to this link, and then log in (using their MavZone ID & Password) they can apply for the scholarship.  The link above is for the public site, but students will just go through MavZone to access the application.

Western Colorado Contractors Association Scholarship Requirements

A.      Students must be enrolled in six or more credit hours in either the Construction Management Program at CMU or the Construction Technology, Manufacturing Technology, or Transportation Services Technology Programs at WCCC.

B.      Student must have and maintain a 3.0 or greater GPA
Recipients must be full-time (12+ credit hours) or part-time (6+ credit hours) students enrolled in either the Construction Technology, Manufacturing Technology or Transportation Services Technology programs for the corresponding school year and maintain a 3.0 GPA. Scholarships will be awarded at $625.00 per semester.

Other scholarships may be available for apprenticeships, trainings, and other regional higher education services.

Call 970.245.1384 for details.