The Colorado Legislature is in full swing and WCCA Government Affairs Committee has been looking out for the interest of members in Western Colorado.  The 2021 Legislative session has been 424 bills introduced so far.

Among the activities being monitored have been:

  • Green House Gas Roadmap was  introduced in January of 2021.  WCCA has been invited to stakeholder discussions open to WCCA members and public.  The State is currently working on rule making to adhere to the GHG Roadmap. There are several concerns regarding vertical and horizontal construction as the rules are being developed by the State.
  • HB21-2007  State Apprenticeship Agency   Colorado is looking at a creating State Apprentice Agency with state regulations for Apprenticeship opportunities and resources.  WCCA has sent a letter of OPPOSITION to the original draft due to funding, additional regulation and regards to currently established programs under the DOL.
  • HB21-1095  811 Locate Exemption For County Road Maintenance Concerning excavation notification requirements for underground facility location in connection with county road maintenance.  WCCA is monitoring.
  • HB21-1056 Cost Thresholds For Public Project Bidding Requirements concerning an increase to the cap on projects that CDOT is allowed to self perform for maintenance projects.  WCCA, CCA, and other associations OPPOSED the original bill language and worked with CDOT to help shape the bill.  The new language should be out soon to be considered for approval including a $250,000 cap on self performed work versus the proposed $500,000, without additional annual increases, and an annual  review by the Transportation Commission.
  • WCCA is also currently involved in The Transportation Budget Recovery Workgroup, Ongoing discussions regarding US 50 Little Blue Mesa Project, Weekly CDOT industry meetings, Industry COVID Response meetings, WSDPC (West Slope Damage Prevention Council), MEDC (Montrose Economic Development Council), CLUB20 and AMGD (Associated Members for Growth & Development)

The WCCA Government Affairs Committee does look at all concerns that affect our members in Western Colorado and submit recommendations (Oppose, Support, Monitor, Question) to the WCCA Board for consideration before any action is taken.  WCCA Members are often invited to participate in discussions or weigh in on issues that would affect the construction industry and related businesses.   WCCA may provide information to members, research issues as provided by members, and take approved action on behalf of members on issues if it is of benefit to the WCCA Community.

Want to get involved or know of issues that affect the Western Colorado construction industry or related businesses?  You are the experts and we need your voice!  WCCA Government Affairs Committee meets every 4th Wednesday of each month at WCCA office and online for any members who would like to attend!  If there is an issue you would like to have included in the agenda for discussion, please send your concerns/topics to [email protected]  The Association is not able to endorse candidates for any municipality.

Call 970-245-1348 for more information on the WCCA Government Affairs Committee or positions previously or currently taken by WCCA.

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