WCCA Flagger Registration

Payment is non-refundable unless cancelation notice, in writing, has been received at WCCA 48 hours prior to start of class. Class must be prepaid prior to start of class.

WCCA Flagger Class Requirements:

Min. 5 Students per class - Max. 20 Students per class - Class will be canceled with less than 5 students.

All classes are 7:30am-12noon
At WCCA Training Room
2470 Patterson Rd #14
Grand Junction, CO


Section 6E.01 Qualifications for flaggers:
Guidance: 01 Because flaggers are responsible for public safety and make the  greatest number of contacts with the public  of all highway workers, they should be  trained in safe traffic control practices and  public contact techniques

A. Ability to receive and communicate specific instructions clearly, firmly and courteously.
B. Ability to move and maneuver quickly in order to avoid danger from errant vehicles.
C. Ability to control signaling devices (such as paddles and flags) in order to provide clear and positive guidance to drivers approaching a TTC zone in frequently changing situations.
D. Ability to understand apply safe traffic control practices, sometimes in stressful or emergency situations and
E. Ability to recognize dangerous traffic situations and warn workers in sufficient time to avoid injury.