Explanation of Committees

Listed below are the committees within WCCA and an explanation of their role in WCCA.


WCCA’s Board of Directors is comprised of 11 elected representatives of WCCA member businesses who serve two-year terms as leaders and oversee the operations and efforts of the Association. One half of the board positions are up for re-election each year. Appointment is by member election each December. Employees of Full Membership companies may be nominated or apply to become a candidate and are required to attend committee meetings and events as often as possible.


WCCA’s Administration Committee is appointed by the Board to oversee Internal Structure; Bylaws, Budget, Investments, Financial Resolutions, Five Year Plan, Board Member Accountability, Scholarships, and Web and Subscription Services, and Fund Requests.


WCCA’s Membership/Events Committee is a high energy group of member representatives. Responsibilities include: recruiting and maintaining memberships, marketing, public relations, planning and execution of events (Golf Tournaments, Mixers, Updates, Public Activities, Trap Shoot, Etc.), member benefits, and programs. Open to all members of WCCA, this committee meets at least four times per year, with the Annual Meeting in February.


WCCA’s Government Affairs Committee monitors regional regulatory activities that may effect construction related businesses in Western Colorado. Any recommended action is sent to the WCCA Board of Directors for final decisions. The committee meets every 4th Wednesday of the month at 2:00 pm unless otherwise posted. It is open to all members.


WCCA’s Education Committee shapes the trainings, certifications, and learning opportunities for regional construction-related businesses based on members’ needs. Education Committee meetings are held once per quarter or as needed to focus on needs of the members regarding current and future workforce.

Subcommittees of any of the above WCCA committees may be formed or cancelled as needed. For more information call WCCA at 970.245.1384


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