What are the main focuses of WCCA in 2023?

In January of this year, Western Colorado Contractors Association (WCCA) asked member businesses questions in a Membership survey to find out what the Association’s focus of 2023 should be and how WCCA could better protect and promote members in Western Colorado.


According to WCCA members who took the survey, the number one benefit used by WCCA members is the Online Plan Room communications and services. WCCA provides daily information on new and updated bid opportunities within the region to keep members working within their region. The next most used benefits were access to training opportunities & education, and regional WCCA networking events .

WCCA Committees that members were most interested in were Government Affairs (meets once per month to discuss local, regional, and legislative issues that affect the construction industry in Western Colorado) and Education Committee (meets once per quarter to discuss efforts in current and future workforce). Trainings & Education opportunities members were most interested in according to the survey were current workforce certifications and management trainings.

When asked what were companies’ greatest challenges, almost a quarter of WCCA Member respondents cited government regulation (see below). Second and third greatest challenges were attracting and retaining employees followed by economic changes in the region. Some comments referring to the challenges included wages, the cost of doing business and having skilled employees.

Other comments from survey responders were technical comments on Plan Room searches and navigating the WCCA website which are being addressed.


The newly installed 2023 WCCA Board of Directors held a retreat with staff on February 8 to discuss the survey results and after in depth discussion formed the following overall objectives for 2023.

1. Continue efforts with the current/future workforce. Efforts include: improving a regional database of resources for employers to find and train current and future employees, and to maintain and improve collaboration efforts with schools and training centers throughout the region to give students exposure to the construction industry.

2. Improve WCCA Communications. WCCA is always seeking more ways to reach out to members and keep members informed of current efforts and member opportunities. From website navigation, to notifications of opportunities and events, to committee involvement, WCCA will be focusing on efficient means of communication as directed by committees and board.

WCCA current efforts and programs are addressing member needs through committee direction and will continue to serve member needs. If you are a WCCA member and would like to be a part of shaping WCCA efforts or helping to advance efforts regarding the Construction Industry in Western Colorado, call 970-245-1384 for more information or how to be more involved. Thank you to all our members for helping shape our association.