Several factors go into why contractors, not only in Western Colorado, but throughout North America are not bidding on certain projects.  Most municipalities are looking for alternatives to keeping within budget and still grow their community.  However, the need to save money and resources creates conditions that make it challenging for professionals to bid on certain projects.    In an article posted in The Vail Daily’s July 23, 2023 newspaper article,  mountain towns in Western Colorado give their views on why fewer projects are being bid recently.

Some project owners seek answers from the bidders to find out the reasons why they are procuring projects that are resulting with few or no bids.  For example, Colorado Department of Transportation has guidelines to research non-responsive bids written in their procurement policy (2 CCR 601-10, 4:17). 

Where many project owners think they are unique in their situation, Association of General Contractors (AGC) has cited several reasons for non-bids across the country in a report to help explain what is happening in the construction world.  READ ARTICLE.  

PLANNING AHEAD- WCCA each year co-hosts 5 Project Briefings in Western Colorado with Colorado Contractors Association (CCA) .  Project Briefings are usually held in Grand Junction, Durango, Steamboat Springs and Eaglevail, for surrounding counties, in October and November.  The UpValley  Project Briefing is usually held in February when projects are finalized for the Garfield, Pitkin and Rio Blanco Counties.  The Project Briefings are a great way for project owners and the construction community to connect regarding upcoming projects for the next year.  Project owners can prepare contractors for upcoming bid opportunities and the contractors can plan ahead which projects they will be able to bid on with the insight given.  Keep watching for new dates as they are finalized for this event.

WCCA wants to hear from the members!  Estimators, what keeps your business from bidding a project?